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I’m on top of the world!

That’s me! The only ones with this view are birds and the chimney sweeps!

Isn’t it wonderful to have everything in the house clean and fresh? And even better when you get all the nooks and crannies. That means the fireplace, the air ducts, and the dryer vents. Now that’s a deep clean that you’ll be able to feel in the air! A clean chimney means a cleaner fire and clean vents mean cleaner air with fewer allergens. Call us today for a deep clean!

My Two Sons

We are pleased to welcome my younger son Tommy (pictured on left) to our family business! My oldest son Tyler, (pictured on right) has been working with me full time for a little over a year now and boy has it been nice having some help!  Business has been booming and I don’t know how I ever did it without him.  That’s where Tommy comes in!  He will be attending Cal State San Marcos in the fall, so he will only be able to join us on really big jobs, but we will be happy to have his help whenever he’s available as the business continues to grow and grow!